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Accurate Elevation & Weather

Developer: SP-Apps

NEW: get emergency alertsYour elevation above sea level affects weather a lot, get accurate weather NOW!
**Why Weather by elevation?The air temperature will drop by 1 degree Celsius for every 150 meter increase in the elevation or altitude affects weather more than anything else.when get your weather they will give a general temperature for the area, so you will not get an accurate weather.
**watch the one and only James May explaining this in this video
**Our app will give you an instant pin point weather depending on your location and elevation.
**This could be the difference between snowy and cold day
**get current wind speed**current elevation or altitude**current temperature
**this app is an altimeter and barometer equivalent
**and it is TOTALLY FREE!
**it is very fast to get results
**using satellite images to map all heights and low grounds
**hour by hour weather instant reports
**great for hiking or trekking, hikers and runners using runtastic will enjoy knowing the altitude
**very low battery usage, works on battery saving GPS location mode
**support HD screens, altitude HD app
**does not need calibration
**share your elevation and weather with your friends, with vivid hd images
**instant live weather (instaweather, instaelevation)